Fortune Telling: Good News or Bad News For You?

This is the first post on this blog. This blog features the Yinyang Theory. If you like pearls of unconventional wisdom based on Chinese Yinyang elements, you are at the right place. In our first post, we’ll discuss Chinese horoscope fortune telling.

I was born in the dragon year, specifically under the emperor dragon constellation. Ancient Chinese believed there are 12 animals which are in charge in a Chinese calendar year, dragon is one of them.

My family was told by fortune master that there are (many) specific days in a Dragon year where it is under emperor dragon star. For those who are born under emperor dragon, I’m afraid I only have bad news for you. Emperor dragon, despite its name, is the weakest of all dragons. The reason why it is called emperor because the name is modelled after Chinese Emperor or Jade Emperor. Chinese Emperor cannot do a single thing without help. As Chinese would know Jade Emperor is powerless to exorcise demons. The only power he possesses, is giving orders to his generals. Reader may relate this is akin to company boss who cannot do a single thing in office but he can give orders to his subordinate to do the work for him. I can assure you, my readers, emperor dragon is no boss.

Emperor dragon is an animal who cannot foliage his own food. When he is hungry, he ensnares villagers to bring him food. Villagers who are duped into believing he is as fearsome as his other peers, do all his biddings. In actual truth, this dragon perhaps has trouble flying as well. According to this late fortune master, all emperor dragon babies will grow up to be useless, disastrous needy adults.

Up to this point, I have a question for my readers: is this bad news to me?

Answer: In fact, this is very bad news to me. In my memory, I did everything in my youth to my best ability to make sure I do not turn out to useless bum. Unexpectedly, you can say this is good news to me in retrospect. Some fortune tellers withhold bad news, telling only good news to get more tipping. For instance, he could say his client would live up to old ripe age but neglect to tell him a life crisis, in his 50s, threatening enough to end his life prematurely.

Rule of thumb: Always prefer to know the bad news over the good news so that you can act on it. This is especially true for business owners. If there is any bad news, you want to be the first one to know so that you can fix it ASAP from disrupting your business operations. Some business owner flares up and overreact over bad news, making their staff anxious in breaking the news. Over time, they choose not to report it which is certainly not good.

I hope you learn something useful which you can apply in your life in this first post!

Till next time!

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